We bough a new boat

It has been a journey that culminated in the acquisition of our new boat and our arrival in Ibiza.

After an extensive search, we finally found a boat that captivated us. And the best part is that it is considerably larger than the previous boats we had. We went from a cute 29-foot (8.89m) Swedish sailboat to a 35-foot (10.50m) solid English boat, and now we are cruising on a French 46-foot (14m) vessel. It seems like there are no limits to where this passion for boats will take us.

In April, we embarked on a three-day trip to Sardinia, with myself, Mattia, and his mother. It was a wonderful experience, as Sardinia reveals all its beauty during that time of the year. There, we had the opportunity to see the boat, fell in love with it, made an offer, and to our happiness, it was accepted.
Interestingly, we discovered that the boat was previously owned by the cousins of the late former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Originally named 'Lady B,' we jokingly referred to it as "Lady Berlusconi." However, we decided to change the name, but we'll save that information for another occasion.

On May 9th, we returned to Sardinia to finalize the boat purchase, and in just 11 days, on the 20th, we were already sailing. Mattia's parents were incredibly kind, as always, and lent us their car to transport all our belongings from Castelfranco Veneto to Sardinia. Even with a much larger boat, we managed to bring along all the things we love because, after all, it's our home now.

On May 20th, we set off for Menorca, Spain, with Mattia, Tamy (our Brazilian friend), and myself. Mattia's parents were in Sardinia to retrieve the car and assist us with the preparations. It was an emotional departure. With the help of Mattia's parents, we untied the moorings of our new boat and set sail for Menorca without making any stops along the way. Anchored nearby were our dear Austrian friends, Wolfgang and Barbara, whom we met three years ago in Croatia. They decided to accompany us for safety reasons since our boat is "new." Throughout the journey, we could see them, and at night, their lights served as a guiding presence, that was very comforting. They have a charming catamaran called Pink Penguin, a Fountaine Pajot Bahia 46. I can honestly say it is the most beautiful boat in that model in the world. Their boat is full of personality and very well kept.

We sailed for two consecutive days, facing considerable waves and winds, but our boat handled the conditions exceptionally well, and we arrived at our destination in perfect shape. The departure from Sardinia was truly memorable, although the only downside was not having enough time to visit our friend Fernando, who was also anchored nearby.

Upon arrival in Menorca, a small tear escaped from my eyes. The first thing I spotted in the distance was the flag of Spain. This moment reminded me of my grandmother's unrealized dream. She passed away from a terrible cancer, and her lifelong wish was to visit Spain, the land of her parents. Unfortunately, she postponed that dream, and it slipped away due to her illness. And this story always pushes me to pursue my dreams today and not leave anything for tomorrow. Tomorrow we may return to being dust on earth.

We sailed through Menorca and then Mallorca. In Mallorca, we said bye to our dear Brazilian friend and continued on to Ibiza, where we plan to spend the summer. Ibiza is an incredibly beautiful and elegant island. If you, my friend, or anyone else would like to share an onboard experience with us, just let us know. It will be an unforgettable adventure! We will make the most of our time here in Ibiza and continue sharing these wonderful stories with you.

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