The sailboat

Resisti is an Oceanis 461, a popular sailing yacht model produced by Beneteau, a renowned French boat manufacturer. Introduced in 1996 and manufactured until 2004, the Oceanis 461 is a sturdy and well-designed cruising sailboat that offers comfort, performance, and spaciousness for both short and long voyages.

Measuring approximately 46 feet (14 meters) in length, the Oceanis 461 features a sleek and graceful hull design with clean lines. Its deck layout is well-optimized for ease of handling and offers ample space for relaxing and enjoying the surroundings.

The interior of the Oceanis 461 is thoughtfully designed, providing a comfortable and inviting living space. It features a spacious salon with a large dining area, well-equipped galley, and three big cabins. 

The yacht's construction utilizes high-quality materials, ensuring durability and seaworthiness. The Oceanis 461 is known for its solid construction and reliable performance, making it suitable for various weather conditions and sailing adventures.

The yacht's moderate displacement and well-designed keel contribute to its stability and maneuverability, allowing for enjoyable sailing experiences both in coastal waters and on longer passages.


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