Our philosofy

We are simple people, seeking simplicity in the connections we establish. We don't care about appearances, what you dress, the car you drive, or the importance of your work or status. Life is too short to waste time on such trivialities.

Aboard the boat, our philosophy is to sail always safety, enjoy delicious meals, toast with good wines and beers, and share conversations with each other. We are enjoy exploring new islands and small villages, finding the good street markets where we can get fresh food and delicious vegetables.

We find joy in meeting new people, regardless of their origins. Each person brings valuable teachings. The life stories we share are true treasures.

Sailing is embracing life as it presents itself, without resistance or rigid expectations. Sometimes, we plan a route, but the wind blows in another direction, leading us to even more beautiful places.

We try to avoid obvious and very touristy places, anchoring in peaceful corners where we spend tranquil nights, contemplating the brilliance of the stars and the spectacle of marine bioluminescence.

Our boat is our home, and in our home, we seek to receive everyone with the utmost hospitality. As travelers in foreign lands, we welcome others as we would like to be welcomed.

Sunrise at the Venetian Lagoon

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