We sold our sailboat!

 May, 2023. Venice, Italy.

 After two years of a journey full of memorable moments and challenges, we said bye bye to our beloved Moody 35. Although we advertised the listing on various websites, it was through Facebook that we found the perfect buyer. Some say that owning a boat brings two days of happiness: the day you buy and the day you sell. However, I consider this statement bullshit, at least from my point of view.

For me, the true essence of happiness in owning a boat lies in waking up anchored in paradisiacal locations, enjoying a cup of coffee on the deck while observing birds and fishes carrying on their lives. Another source of contentment is when we encounter challenging situations such as storms, and the boat safely protects us. When we arrive at a safe harbor, we toast with a glass of white wine to celebrate. Additionally, there is the unique joy of taking someone sailing for the first time, witnessing the sparkle in their eyes.

We decided to sell our boat due to the need for more space. Although we enjoy living aboard, this option has become costly for us, as we are not retired. Therefore, acquiring a larger vessel makes sense, eventually allowing us to host our friends or future friends who will contribute to the considerable expenses involved in owning a boat.

We found our Moody 35 in the middle of a pandemic and confinement. The boat was located in Genova, Italy. Although it wasn't exactly what I was looking for, I decided to take the train to Genova just out of curiosity. During that period, the market was scarce, and boat prices were high. Luckily, we were able to acquire it for a very reasonable price. The ex owner was very old and fragile, he died few weeks after selling the boat for me. We invested lots of money in repairs, but in the end I learned a lot about fixing stuff and it was worth it!

Moody is the name of the shipyard that made our vessel, known for building sturdy, safe and robust boats in southern England. Currently, the Moody brand has been acquired by Hanse, a German shipyard that continues to produce equally beautiful boats but with a German touch instead of the traditional English one. Very expensive boats nowadays. But worth it for the ones that can afford it!

We sailed with our boat, which we named Fata Morgana, through the regions of Liguria, Tuscany, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Calabria, Apulia, Greece, Croatia, and finally, Venice, our beloved city, where we sold the boat. Many friends and family members had the opportunity to enjoy Fata Morgana, sharing meals and memorable moments on board.
The boat was sold to a lady of dual nationality, Australian and English. The sale was a difficult and lengthy process. During the survey, carried by an excellent Italian surveyor, it was discovered a leakage that could compromise the structure of the Fata Morgana. Of course, everything on a boat can be fixed, but it is a costly and challenging process. We had to let go of over 3,000 euros from the original value of the boat, but
that's part of the deal!

The English are notoriously cautious and indirect, became a challenge in understanding the buyer true intentions. British don't express themselves directly, which makes it difficult to interpret their thoughts. For nearly two months, we were engaged in endless back and forth. After signing the sales contract, it took the buyer eight days to make the full payment of the agreed-upon amount. I didn't understand the reason for this delay as communication was scarce and unclear. Although I was a bit stressed, that tension has dissipated. However, I perceive that she seems to be a person of good character. From the bottom of my heart, I wish her all the best and hope that the boat brings her countless joys and a sense of security in difficult times. And I'm sure it will!

As we took our last belongings left on board, we said goodbye to the boat. The farewell was bittersweet, but I have full confidence that the new owner will take good care of Fata Morgana. The boat really fits her very very well! She is a tiny lady who fits perfectly into all the spaces on the boat. I will always have positive thoughts, believing that everything will work out in her new adventure, and I wish her immense happiness aboard the Fata Morgana.

Our first week sailing Fata Morgana, passing in front of Cinque Terre.

Anchored somewhere in Corsica. Beautiful island with delicious bread and croissants!

On the way to Sardinia

Beautiful place to wake up. Sardinia.

Our cabin, a bit small for two plus a dog.

Corfu, Greece.

Fata Morgana stayed for few months on the dry dock in Corfu.

The cockpit, sometimes a bit messy but charming.

The last crossing of Fata Morgana with us. Sailing from Croatia to Italy. That black cloud is pollution...

Venice by night. Just beautiful!

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